Bravo 5 Raft Kayak Foot Pump

The Bravo 5 Raft Kayak Foot Pump is one of two foot pumps we carry with a top-off chamber, along with the Bravo 9. The Bravo 5 is about the same size as the Bravo 9 but it has a smaller top-off chamber output. The Bravo 5 was discontinued by the factory in Italy a while back, but we still have a few left.

Bravo 5 Raft Foot Pump
Bravo 5 Raft Foot Pump

The top-off feature works by removing a plug from the raised valve “tunnel” on the top bellows plate, and it puffs less air than the Bravo 9’s top-off port. However, it also goes all the way to 13 p.s.i, a bit higher than the B-9. This pump was specifically intended for Zodiac-style high pressure air floors, but it might be an option for owners of smaller AIRE kayaks – like the Force’s – or other small volume i.k’s than can be inflated to firmer pressures. These are pretty unique pumps and as far as we know we are the only ones in the U.S. that carry them. Their hose is a bit smaller in diameter than the other Bravos we sell but it is still wire-wound.

The small “vacuum” fitting barely visible in the photo near the bottom of the bellow plate (the piece that is angled downward at a 5:00 angle, which supposedly allows you to put the hose on it and suck the air out of your boat) should be thrown away since it fits poorly. No one sucks air out of their boat with a foot pump anyway unless they have way too much free time. Full adapter set included, made in Italy.

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