Bravo MB 80 Electric Raft Kayak Pump 12 Volt

Bravo MB 80 is a new electric raft kayak pump for us, as our source for the Dyna 12 volt unit discontinued those after we had been carrying them for 25 years. The Bravo (a.k.a. Scoprega) MB 80 is available with either a cigarette cord or battery clamps, so please specify which you prefer in the order notes. We tend to lean toward the battery clamp version as being better, but a lot of newer cars make it very hard to get to the battery terminals

This electric inflator puts out a bit over 1 p.s.i., so it will not fully inflate most boats, but it will do a good bit of the work for you. The output is allegedly 25 cubic feet per minute but experience with most Bravo pumps has shown that output claims, even for their foot pumps, are usually exaggerated a bit so take this figure with a grain of salt.

Best Use for Bravo MB 80 Electric Raft Kayak Pump 12 Volt

The best use for this little Bravo is probably for smaller rafts up to about 12′, or for people who are trying to air up a couple of inflatable kayaks. Again, you will need a mechanical pump to top off any quality boat, but if you are only inflating a pool toy this may be adequate by itself. The MB 80 should not be run much longer than six to eight minutes.

Feature Details for Bravo MB 80 Electric Raft Kayak Pump 12 Volt

A few notes about the MB 80 – The cord is ten feet long on the cigarette lighter version, and a tiny bit less on the battery cable version. The on/off switch is not visible in our image. The MB 80 comes with what you see in the photo – a primary tip (the top item in the photo with the tapered tips plugged one into another), which fits into the 4″ black tube, and then another set of cones that are white rather than black, which fit over the primary tip. The last little oddity – the bottom piece in the image – is an adapter that allows you to hook up the tube to the inlet. This is supposed to be to vacuum air out of your boat. This is not a smart idea because once a boat has been used a few times, unless you live in the Atacama desert, there will be water droplets inside your boat from condensation. So it is possible that water can be pulled through the pump, and even though it would not run through the motor directly these housings have some gaps. Lastly, speaking of gaps, all of these 12 volt Bravo inflators have a pronounced gap in the outlet tip for about the last inch, and this is just how they all are. It doesn’t hurt because the 4″ black tube goes over this part, and if you don’t use it would won’t have a perfect seal against most valves with or without the gap.

We also carry the Hurricane 12 volt, found in this section of our site. The Hurricane is capable of higher pressures closer to 2 p.s.i., and can run a full ten minutes without overheating.

Since this little Bravo electric is new for us, we don’t have the kind of long term track record that we had with the old Dyna that we used to sell. There is no real warranty on this one, as it is not practical for us or you to send it back to Italy as the manufacturer wants. We are happy to test them before shipping though, just ask. As time goes on we will know a bit more.

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