Bravo Nanometer In Line Pressure Gauge

Bravo Nanometer In-Line Raft Kayak Pressure Gauge
Bravo Nanometer In-Line Raft Kayak Pressure Gauge

If you only own a standard footpump (one that does not have a top-off chamber) you need not be concerned about over-inflating your boat, unless it’s an unreinforced vinyl one, so don’t waste your money on this gauge if that is the case. The Bravo Nanometer In Line Pressure Gauge was designed to work with the hoses and adaptor tips that come with Bravo brand pumps because this gauge is made at the same factory. The Nanometer is utilized by putting it between the end of the pump hose and valve & watching the pressure as you pump. In other words, what it really measures is the force that the pump needs to overtake the pressure already in the air chamber. THE NEEDLE ONLY MOVES WHILE YOU ARE PUMPING. There is no detent to hold open a poppet on a Halkey or Leafield valve, so if you want a stand-alone gauge that measures off your valves directly, buy the Kwik-Check unit.

Many other pumps, including 4″ Carlsons, various wonder/double-action style models, our own “Top-off” mini pump, K-Pumps, EZ Pumps, as well as Bravo 5’s and Bravo 10’s, are easily capable of over-inflating your boat. But if you plan on trying to use this gauge with a non-Bravo brand unit please understand it will require some adapting and mickey-mousing in order to fit properly, and this is something you will have to do for yourself. With a Bravo pump, you put the “primary” hose tip into the hole in the Nanometer, and whichever Bravo adaptor sleeve you would normally use over the Nanometer’s tip (the lower right part in the photo). The main three pumps that we sell that can benefit from this gauge are the Bravo 5 and Bravo 9 footpumps – both of which have top off features – and the Bravo 4ALU hand pump. The other Bravo foot pumps don’t put out the pressure to need this gauge, and it isn’t accurate enough below 1.5 psi to use it with something like a Sevylor boat. Likewise, the Bravo 6M and 7M models already have gauges one them.

Bear in mind n boat inflated properly to the 2 or 3 p.s.i. range can quickly soar to 8 p.s.i. sitting in the sun on a warm day. Since the Nanometer does not measure directly off the valve, it will not help you determine if the boat’s pressure is rising beyond a safe level. Again, but the Kwik Check gauge if this is your concern.

We have had these returned by people who said their Nanometer was not reading. Please read the details above, because in every single case the gauges were working fine when returned. If people return perfectly functional items without reading the descriptions & instructions we do charge a re-stocking. And on this little $19 gauge, by the time you pay for postage both ways that means you won’t get much money back. So if you feel your Bravo Nanometer In Line Pressure Gauge is not working, PLEASE CALL!

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