Privacy Statement

The Boat People Inflatable Kayak & Raft Specialists
101 Brookside Place
Danville, CA 94526
Phone: 925-820-2628

Will NEVER sell, give, lend, any customers’ information to any entity. The Boat People has never, unsolicited, phoned or emailed any customer. The Boat People does NOT retain and credit card info. If fact, only a manual phone order do we ever see a credit card #, which is then destroyed after immediately after the transaction. Paypal, Cart orders… we NEVER are given the #s in the first place.

Customer = any person that has given us your info whether or not you’ve purchased anything.

But, as we’ve all seen in the news, the NSA is capturing and storing forever EVERYTHING you do on the internet, cell phones, and land lines, EVERYTHING!

Electric Raft and Kayak Pump Specialists